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Services Offered:

Individual Counseling: Counselors meet with students individually on a daily basis. This can be done through self-referral, teacher referral, or parent referral. Request to see the counselor forms are placed in every classroom. Students have access to these throughout the day and may return them directly to the counselor or their teacher. Every effort is made to meet with students within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Classroom Guidance: Counselors visit all classrooms at least one a quarter to give a guidance lesson. Several areas of the counseling curriculum are covered including character education, study skills, career planning, and achievement.

Group Counseling: Groups are offered throughout the year on such topics as study skills, friendship, and dealing with divorce. We also offer a grief group to all grade levels. This group is for students who have lost a loved one and is run by a Kindermourn counselor and a school counselor.

Registration: Counselors hold registration in the spring each year. During this time, counselors visit all classrooms to explain the registration card to the students. In addition, students are asked to take the registration cards home for parents to help them fill out and sign. Counselors also visit area feeder schools to register any incoming students.

During the summer months, please contact Ms. Maureen Milano at 980-343-0689 to register your child.